Experience holiday park De Pier

Walk the paths where butterflies flutter. Admire the park from the sand dunes of Bedaf and listen to the birds in the trees. Splash each other in the heated swimming and paddling pool and relax and unwind surrounded by nature after your long day outside.


The swimming pool

Splash each other in the warm water of the outdoor pool! In this heated water playground with a 140 cm deep pool and a paddling pool with water slide, you can play nice games together. Adults can sunbathe on the sun terrace.

Near the swimming pool there are changing rooms and toilets. Children without a swimming certificate are required to wear water wings or an EasySwim. Children under 10 are not allowed to swim in the pool unsupervised. The pool has no lifeguard present. Therefore you enter at your own risk. The pool can only be used by guests of our park.

The swimming pool is located next to the Forest pavilion.

Opening hours:

From May up to and including September from Monday through Sunday from 9.00am to 22.00 pm.

Everything for all ages

During the high season* Moffel and Piertje stay at holiday park De Pier. They love to discover and nature, and would love to take you on an adventure. From catching tadpoles in the ditch to building huts in the woods, holiday park De Pier has lots to offer for young and old. And who knows, Moffel and Piertje might stay the night....

The enthusiastic staff and volunteers from holiday park De Pier organize a variety of activities for small and large guests. From a fairy lantern parade for the little ones to showing off your best cooking in Camping Culinair. At De Pier you have fun with your family. In our Do & Discover Book you will find all activities during your vacation.

*High season: Easter, May holiday, Ascension, Pentecost and summer

The playground

In our cozy playground you can relax on the family swing or have fun on the slide. For children there is a small carousel and a playhouse. If you're a real tough adventurer, you can swing from a rope on the mountains of Bedaf.

The camping field has a small playground for children up to 3 years.

Inhabitants De Pier

Meet and greet your favorite inhabitants at holiday park De Pier.

Janneke and Saartje, our dwarf goats, will be present every day, as will the Peppie and Snoopy. And if you are in luck, chickens Jet, Doortje, Truus, Miep and Sien will have laid an egg for you. As you'll walk on, you'll see our pony Juultje and Quarter horse Jameen, who is enjoying a well-deserved retirement after a successful career. Our animals need care every day. Will you come over to help? Make sure to bring rain boots or old shoes and put on your old clothes.

Hullie play farm

If the weather is bad, visit Hullie play farm. The farm is 650 meters from our park. You can play inside in the nicest arcades. There's black light adventure golf, an arts and crafts hall and an outdoor laser game.

Are you 12 years or younger, get a Hullie pass from the holiday park De Pier reception (deposit € 40, -) and you can enter for free. Or ask your parents if they reserve it along with your vacation home. Then ti will be ready when you check in. this is for you when you check in. Oh, and mom, dad and grandparents enter for free.

Enjoy nature

Walk the curved paths between trees, gaze the sandhills of Bedaf and hear the birds chirping. After a day of entertainment in the Bospaviljoen, the peace and nature of holiday park Jetty feels as an oasis. Did a squirrel jump in the tree? Children jump over fallen trees, swing on ropes and hide in the bushes, while mom and dad enjoy the tranquility.

Also being curious to The Pier? Take a look at the map .